Saturday, October 27, 2012

"How Do You Feel About Racing with the Men?"

October 27,2012: First race of the season.

Hello friends,family, and fans,
    My name is Laura Kildow. 22 year old aspiring writer, taking a year off from my school at the University of Iowa to travel around the world. My sister, Lindsey Vonn, is showing me the ropes. She is one of my best friends, an expert traveller and, of course, the fastest skier on the planet!I want everyone to know all about the ups and downs of being a world class athlete. I get all the access, updates, and Lindsey Vonn info you could ever want or need. I'll be by her side throughout the season. She calls me her mini me!
    Right now we are listening to Rascal Flatts "A Little Home" while Lindsey packs, I type. This weekend has been a roller coaster. When I arrived to the hotel, after traveling on a train for 7 hours, I had 10 minutes to get ready for dinner at 7:30.
  "Wait Lindsey...I have a question for you: how to you feel about racing with the men?" Lindsey said at dinner, quoting the reporters. "Lindsey, one more question... How do you feel about racing with the men?" She laughed along with her trainer and physiotherapist, Hagi and Ricky. "Oh wait, Lndsey, and how do you feel about racing with the men?" Lindsey repeated again, rolling her eyes. She makes a joke out of the media attacking her for her recent announcement about racing with the men in Lake Louis but it isn't fun and it's very stressful.
    Right away after dinner we went to bed. Lindsey had to get up at 6:30 to free-ski on the race hill. After, it was lunch, a short nap, and getting ready for some more media! We went to the Overall FIS forum with Marcel Herscher. "Oh and Lindsey, I have a question for you: how do you feel about racing with the men" I laughed to myself as Lindsey answered as if it was her first time answering. Her answers to this question are all honest and it makes me mad to think that people think this is a media stunt. Does the media really know her? I do, and I'll tell you that that is Lindsey being Lindsey. Write whatever you want about her because she is going to do what she wants. Was it a media stunt when she won a cow? She could have won money, but she wanted that cow. And she still visits Olym on her farm including a goat named after me! It would be far easier for Lindsey to stay out of the press and to not keep answering the same damn question thirty dozen times. That's just Lindsey. She wants to push her limits. She wants to set records and to make a difference for her sport. The public can criticize her, but I think it's awesome. I wouldn't expect anything less from Lindsey.
   So this weekend finished with Lindsey with a bandaged left arm.   The first run Lindsey came down strong but not fast enough. The second run was delayed first until 1:15 and then until 1:45. The fog on the course made it impossible to see even 5 gates ahead. Finally, the forerunners came down the hill. The fog on the hill had cleared up and they sent down the first racer. Immediately after the first racer has finished, the fog swept across the race course. Still, they kept sending down racers. Lindsey, coming down 19th, had limited visibility but was up six tenth on the first split. Standing in the finish is much more nerving than watching it on tv. I just want her to finish happy and without injury. So when she clipped her hand on a gate and skied out onto the side lines holding her wrist, I hoped she was okay. Of course Lindsey was, she has a high tolerance for pain. She always gets back up after she falls. Nevertheless, it could be a broken hand and she still carried my skis for me to the car whilst signing autographs and posing for pictures.
   Today I am going to the train station in Innsbruck, and Lindsey to the airport. When she goes home she will get her wrist looked at.
 With Lindsey, there's always something!
Until next time.
Laura Kildow Aka Schwesty ( German for Schwester: Sister)